Old Tawanga Cemetery

The Old Tawanga Cemetery is located on private property near Coral Bank.

According to the State Government records in 1900 there were sixteen burials in ten graves, the only named grave being that of Mr McIntire and his two sons.

Tawonga Station Cemetery 

Also on private land, this contains the graves of
  • Thomas Ibbotson (d. 03/03/1879)
  • Elizabeth Eyre (d. 20/12/1879)
  • John Eyre (?/10/1904)

Other old graves in the district

Other known burial sites in the district occur in:
  • Roper's paddock (known as "Old Station"). This is the grave of a ten year old girl named Muir who died in 1856.
  • Mrs John Hollonds is buried on private property at Mullagong, with the Briggs twin babies at her feet.
  • An unnamed male person is buried on private property on Damm's Road, Tawonga

Tawonga Cemetery

The current Tawonga Cemetery accepted its first burial in November 1901.